SSCC End Of Year Report 2016-2017

Shannonsiders had a busy 2017 organising our main events, The Tour of the Heartlands, The SSCC GP and hosting a round of the National Invacare Paracycling League. We would like to extend a huge thanks to all our members who gave up their time to help ensure these days were a success. With 54 members, our attendence at tours was less than in previous years but is still a popular activity during the summer for many and we hope to increase these numbers in 2018. 

Sunday Spins continue to be the main activity during the winter months and always attract a small but devoted turnout. Numbers for these spins always start to dwindle in Spring, but this is understandable as members start to go off to Races and Tours. Our attendance at Tours this year was less than in previous years but it is still a popular activity during the summer months for many.

The Saturday morning Leisure Group continues and is now in its 4th year. We meet at 10 at Garycastle and weather permitting do about 60km or more at a nice easy pace, always including a stop for coffee somewhere. There is a small core of 6-8 regulars and we still continue to attract new cyclists a few of whom have made the step up to the Sunday group. If any members would like a nice spin on a Saturday, feel free to join us!

We were delighted with the numbers for both our annual weekend away trip and our Christmas dinner  and thank members for showing support. It was great to see such interest in these trips and hope it continues.

On our weekend away to Kinvara last October, 20 members and spouses made the trip. About a dozen members did the 120km cycle down to Kinvara taking in the scenic route over the Slieve Aughtys while others travelled down by car and cycled in the local area and a great weekend was had by all.

To finish off the year, our Christmas dinner took place in New Forest, Tyrellspass where we had our own personalised menu and were well looked after with a bus being provided by the club for those not wanting to drive over. 

If you want to see what some of our members got up to during the past year (and some from 2016) view our gallery here

Thank you all your help during the year in organising the Paracycling TT, the TOH , the GP race, the MIL races and the ESB Tour. We couldn't have done it without you!

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